Congratulations to the ones who have been selected for our Incubation program at the WEBEL-BCC&I Tech Incubation Centre! Let us take a look at these 9 redefining entrepreneurial ideas.

EzeRx Health Tech Pvt Ltd

The innovation is a noninvasive, non-contact portable handheld device which can detect anemia, predict lungs and liver problems through measuring hemoglobin, bilirubin and the oxygen saturation with in less than 2 second in the cost of less than 1 rupee and without taking a single drop of blood from the human body.


10karma is an upcoming Android and IOS-based application that will be soon available in the Google Play store and iOS App store for download. It provides varieties of home services that simplify the everyday living of the people.

Paving Plus – RAU Industries

In today’s construction and paving industry, the current clay bricks and paver blocks have no elasticity, low compressive strength, are not durable enough. The raw materials and the process used cause soil erosion and pollution. We have developed a material from recycled plastic and a few other secret elements, all locally available and cheap.

Vibrotactile Computer Displays Unit: A Brief Overview with Resent Approaches for Visually Challenged

This proposed model is aimed at the development of a computer display board for braille users to lessen the communicative barrier between then so called privileged people and visually challenged.

Scimata Computing

BCC&I They are building "Gazapp" - A futuristic contactless digital payments system that will allow payments to be authenticated irrespective of availability of the underlying network or digital infrastructure. Our payment system is built for massive scale and can replace cash entirely for a billion plus people in our country.


Smart Dustbin - Fashkuut Pvt Ltd.

They propose a smart waste collection with smart dustbin solution. Waste management or waste disposal is all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Smart Waste Management is a necessary solution. Fill-level sensors designed specifically for sensing waste levels are being used to sense the level of trash bins in order to determine if a can needs to be emptied or not.

Arijit Das

Artificial Intelligence for surveillance and prevention of spitting pan or gutkha on public building corridors and prevention of writing on heritage building walls.

SafeSchool – Ratq Science & Tech

Their idea is to develop a tech application for smart reporting and incident management to ensure that the students are safe and fully supported in schools. Through this reporting mechanism, relevant people will be alerted immediately, and a case will be created after verification.

JobCirkit – Newday HR Solution

The solution that they are working on is to provide a job to everyone locally especially the Skilled, Semi-skilled, Unskilled and reduce the brain drain problem using the latest technology (AI) to make a digital database for those group of people who don't have access to digital world or limited access to the digital world so that each talent gets their value and employer can find talents locally, that helps them to grow.